Module 1: Medical Scribe Profession

The primary duty of a medical scribe is to accompany the physician into the exam room and free the physician from data entry.


Complexity: Easy

More than 900,000 practicing physicians in the United States are required to document medical visits and procedures as they are being performed.

Job Outlook

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The number of scribes has greatly increased in the past few years as a result of the federal government mandating providers to adopt electronic health records.

Classified Ad Example

Complexity: Easy

Review an actual classified ad to see what employers expect from a Medical Scribe.

Importance of Medical Records

Complexity: Easy

Medical records have several purposes, and the importance of the documentation in medical records cannot be overemphasized.

Who Uses Medical Records

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Because all these groups use medical reports, it's vital to make sure that reports are neat, accurate, complete, and well-organized.

Ethical Behavior

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No discussion about personal qualities is complete without mentioning ethics.

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