Activities outside the realm of patient interactions demand an increasing amount of a physician’s attention. Excessive documentation requirements and data entry are compromising the doctor-patient relationship and adding an inordinate amount of time to a physician’s workload.

I am a practicing physician, and after long hours in the office, I would also spend additional hours at night and on weekends documenting patient visits in the electronic health record.

I decided it was time to get help and attempted to hire a medical scribe. I discovered that my colleagues had the same concerns, but a pool of trained scribes was not available to fill the demand.

To that end, I assembled a top-notch team of experts in the fields of content development, online training and web design to create a program to train medical scribes quickly but thoroughly.

Learn how you can help the more than 900,000 practicing physicians with their data entry and charting through our Medical Scribe Training Course so that the doctor can concentrate on the patient instead of paperwork.

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